Mike mador keeping you dry roofing OrlandoIt started in the roofing industry when my job in finance expired which was a god send. I met an individual who said I can show you a much happier life, so I said why not let’s give it a try. So with a roofing truck and a ladder, I began selling roofs.I did that for many years and was recognized as having happy customers and so the owner of the roofing company put me in charge of quality control and production in a Miami office were I remained for a period. once again   I had great success and was approached again offering me my own Orlando roofing company, I couldn’t say no to coming home. I did that for many years but was on a leash because I still worked for somebody.

Then unfortunately that owner who I highly respected and called a friend passed on and there went the very successful roofing company. So I saved and studied acquiring my license all throughout this time having keeping you dry as my email. I realized how easy this email was to remember so thus keeping you dry roofing was born…. I vowed that everything wrong with the roofing business I would do differently because I can. A lot of people have never bought a roof before and may never in their life. That’s why we are here;  to walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible and always remembering that a roof is a big event we are being trusted with the roof over your head.