What Our Orlando Roof Inspections Include

Roofs are regularly exposed to various types of weather conditions especially in Orlando and surrounding Central Florida areas. Our roofs are put to the test year-round with FL’s humid weather, high temperatures, and heavy rains. Occasional hail storms and large oak trees certainly make our roofs more susceptible to damage than a lot of other … Continued

Good Roof Maintenance: Basic Tips for Central Florida Homeowners

There are some home projects people enjoy completing more than others, like a new garden or a kitchen renovation. Roofing sometimes just isn’t one of them, but even though it’s often viewed as less exciting, it’s even more important to the maintenance of your home than any other. Your roof is required a little extra … Continued

How to Know You Need a New Roof – Orlando Roof Repair

Sometimes the signs that you need roof repair or maintenance aren’t always very obvious from the driveway. In climates like in the Orlando, hurricanes, rain, heat, and other weather can do some serious damage over time. Use our tips to spot potential signs of damage and know if you need to call in a professional … Continued