Common Roof Problems in Altamonte Springs, FL

Your roof covers the largest asset you own, so it pays to know the signs of trouble. Fortunately, many of the danger signals are easy to see—you can sometimes even spot them from the ground. If a small leak can goes undetected for years, it can cause huge damage before you notice anything. It’s a … Continued

Need To Know Questions For Your Roof Repair

Replacing and even repairing your roof is a significant investment, so it’s smart to make sure you have as much information as possible before hiring a professional to do the job. Make sure you hire someone that can answer all of these questions with correct answers like our team at Keeping You Dry Roofing! Is … Continued

Our Central Florida Roof Inspections Include…

Roofs are regularly exposed to various types of weather conditions especially in Orlando and surrounding Central Florida areas. Our roofs are put to the test year-round with FL’s humid weather, high temperatures, and heavy rains. Occasional hail storms and large oak trees certainly make our roofs more susceptible to damage than a lot of other … Continued

What Causes Water Spots on Ceilings?

If you’re finding water spots or stains on your ceiling after a heavy rain in Florida, it could be the pipes, but many times it’s attributed to a leak in a home’s roof. It can be tricky to determine exactly where the leak is coming from, especially if it’s a small source creating a big … Continued

Top 3 Tips for Orlando Roof Maintenance

There are some home projects people enjoy completing more than others, like a new garden, a finished deck, or a kitchen renovation. Roofing just isn’t one of them, but even though people think the roof is less exciting, it’s even more critical to the maintenance of your home than any other project. Your roof can … Continued

Signs You Need Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

Sometimes the signs that you need roof repair or maintenance aren’t always very obvious from the driveway. In climates like in the Orlando, hurricanes, rain, heat, and other weather can do some severe and potentially costly damage over time. Use our tips to spot potential signs of damage and help you find out if you … Continued

Don’t DIY! Hire a Professional Instead to Repair Your Roof

The internet makes everything look easy, so should you use it to try repairing a roof yourself instead of calling the experts? Of course not! But why you ask? First of all, it’s dangerous! We are licensed, trained, and insured professionals that do jobs like this on a daily basis. There’s a reason we’re the … Continued

Roof Inspections After A Storm

Have you ever prepared for bed knowing it’s going to rain throughout the night only hear a small drip in your bedroom and find the drip right next to your bed? It’s easy to imagine this scenario, and maybe you’ve even been there. This situation is not fun, especially when you trying to wind down … Continued

Top Two Problems with Old Shingles

Missing or cracked shingles is a sure sign that there is damage done to your roof. Act quickly to make sure your roof stays in its best condition. Here are our top shingle roofing problems: Shingles are Cupping If your attic is not properly vented, you run the risk of cupping. This is when your … Continued

Spring Roof Inspections in Orlando, FL

Finally, spring is here and we can begin to enjoy the warm sunny seasons ahead. But before you do, it is important to get your roof inspected for any damages that winter or the previous year might have caused. Preventative maintenance is essential to identify any repairs that need to be made for Florida’s spring … Continued