Top 3 Tips for Orlando Roof Maintenance

There are some home projects people enjoy completing more than others, like a new garden, a finished deck, or a kitchen renovation. Roofing just isn’t one of them, but even though people think the roof is less exciting, it’s even more critical to the maintenance of your home than any other project.

Your roof can sometimes require extra attention, it may not be cosmetic, but if you neglect your roof for too long you can have higher than average energy costs and weather damage to pay for in addition to the simple costs of fixing a damaged roof.

If you want a roof that’s in good condition for many years to come, there are four crucial maintenance tips to be aware of:

1. Know when to call a professional. Homeowners should perform a visual inspection of their roof several times throughout the year. Call a roof repair professional if you can see stains on your shingles, curled and warped shingles, or any rust on the flashings. Water stains or mold inside your attic can also be a sign of a roof problem. Even without these symptoms, it could be time to get a new roof if you notice higher energy bills, or water leaking after extreme weather like a Florida hurricane.

2. Maintenance is critical. Once per year, clean out the cobwebs, dust, and debris from your exhaust and ventilation system. Paint exposed metal so it won’t cause it to rust. Also, regularly remove debris such as leaves from the gutters, so they don’t overflow and damage your roof. An annual roof inspection is essential, we offer free evaluations and will give you a quote on the spot if we find an issue.

3. Choosing the right materials can make a huge difference. Other people do notice your roof even if you don’t. A new roof or at least a cleaned roof can increase your home’s curb appeal. If you plan on selling a new roof can improve your home’s value to potential buyers. If you have mismatched shingles or tiles, we can help color match them to make your entire roof even.

Proper roof maintenance in Central Florida keeps your home safe and looking great. Knowing when to call a professional, keeping up with primary care, and using the right materials will help keep your roof looking new for years to come. For roof repair and maintenance, contact our Orlando professionals here.