Signs You Need Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

Sometimes the signs that you need roof repair or maintenance aren’t always very obvious from the driveway. In climates like in the Orlando, hurricanes, rain, heat, and other weather can do some severe and potentially costly damage over time. Use our tips to spot potential signs of damage and help you find out if you need to call in a professional roofer.

Missing Shingles
Having a spotty roof with missing shingles is a sure sign that you need a repair. If you find shingles in the yard or a small sheet of shingles in your neighbor’s yard you should have your roof inspected. Improper fastening and exposure to high winds can cause shingles to go missing.

Ceiling Spots
Another significant indication of damage is ceiling spots. These are large brown spots on the roof that are caused by leaks in the roof. If not treated soon it can cause wood rot, mold, or even further costly damages.

Damaged Flashing
A few things that can cause damaged flashing to occur are improper installation, cracking, dents from nailing, or the structure settling. Damaged flashing is something that can happen over time which it’s why it’s essential to have an annual roof inspection.

Warped or curled in shingles usually happen in the summer due to the high temperatures outdoors or after hurricane season from water and wind. Shingles curl and warp after absorbing water or high exposure to heat.

Missing Granules
When the sun is out, take a look at your roof. If there’s a shine to your roof, then there are no granules in place to protect it from aging rapidly. Without granules, your roof will be completely exposed to the elements which can lead to more problems down the road.

Algae Growth
If you have brown streaks on your roof, you likely have algae growth caused by air-borne algae that are very common in Florida. With an annual roof inspection, we will check for small signs of algae that would otherwise go unchecked, don’t wait until your entire roof has been taken over by algae growth before you call in the professionals. Inspections are especially necessary for homes near ponds, lakes or under tall trees with moss.

If you see one or more of these signs in your home or roof, contact a professional to repair the damage. We service the entire Orlando and Central Florida region with licensed and trained professionals. Contact our Orlando roofing experts at Keeping You Dry Roofing here.