Top Two Problems with Old Shingles

Missing or cracked shingles is a sure sign that there is damage done to your roof. Act quickly to make sure your roof stays in its best condition. Here are our top shingle roofing problems:

Shingles are Cupping
If your attic is not properly vented, you run the risk of cupping. This is when your roof begins to look warped with the corners turned up from the exterior. This is prevalent in Florida because when shingles become too hot it creates this effect, it also occurs on worn and old roofs.

Cracking Shingles
When the granulates on your roof become worn off it can make your shingles brittle and break easily. Cracked shingles can also be created by being exposed to the sun and heat for too long which is all too common in Florida. If this happens, you need to promptly replace them to keep the roof intact.

This can be caused by damaging Florida weather, worn and old sealant that binds the shingle to the roof, or even sometimes a wild critter can damage your roof. Missing shingles should immediately be replaced to keep your home in the best shape. Replacing shingles should be done by a professional and is not suggested as a DIY job.

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