Our Central Florida Roof Inspections Include…

Roofs are regularly exposed to various types of weather conditions especially in Orlando and surrounding Central Florida areas. Our roofs are put to the test year-round with FL’s humid weather, high temperatures, and heavy rains. Occasional hail storms and large oak trees certainly make our roofs more susceptible to damage than a lot of other areas throughout the country.

Since Central Florida is susceptible to hurricanes, it’s only natural for homeowners to want an inspection every so often to avoid future damage. That’s why we offer FREE roof inspections in Orlando and the Greater Orlando Area! Whether you’re thinking about installing a new roof, have an annoying door problem that needs to be fixed or want to ask questions about minor repairs, we’re more than happy to give our advice.

Want to schedule a FREE inspection? Call 407-253-2221 or contact us here and we’ll answer all of your questions.

What Our Inspection Includes

We offer complete and thorough roof inspections. The first step is to walk around the perimeter of your home to look for any visible signs of deterioration. We then inspect the roof by examining the attic for leaks, rot or any other signs of damage.

We inspect the top of your roof for:

  • Damage from storms
  • Damaged flashing
  • Areas susceptible to leaks
  • Shingle deterioration
  • Places for animal intrusion
  • Materials around chimneys, skylights, and vents