Shingle Replacement in Orlando, Florida

Even if a storm produces no rain or hail, your roof can still sustain damage. Strong winds can create stress points on a roof that weaken over time. While roofs are designed to sustain typical wind loads, they can be incrementally damaged over the years in Florida by high winds and debris carried by the wind. This applies to Central Florida’s annual tropical storm or hurricane and regular heavy summer rains.

Replacing missing shingles and fixing any roof damage quickly is important to prevent consequent water damage and higher fuel costs. Just because you don’t have a leak or can see visible roof damage from your driveway doesn’t mean you don’t have any damage.

Shingle replacement is not a Do It Yourself project because getting on your roof yourself is not recommended. This can lead to personal injury and also further damage to your property. A licensed professional like ours at Keeping You Dry Roofing have the tools and safety techniques to get up on your roof and check for damage.

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