What Causes Water Spots on Ceilings?

If you’re finding water spots or stains on your ceiling after a heavy rain in Florida, it could be the pipes, but many times it’s attributed to a leak in a home’s roof. It can be tricky to determine exactly where the leak is coming from, especially if it’s a small source creating a big leak.

Leaks can also be challenging to locate because the water doesn’t always travel straight down. Sometimes a leak will move along pipelines before dripping through the ceiling. Roofing contractors are trained in identifying leaks and locating their sources. Finding the actual cause of a leak can be a difficult task for someone to do by themselves.

Though not all water spots are caused by leaky roofs, if it continues to darken and grow a roofing problem is probably the culprit. Contact a contracted Orlando roofing professional HERE for a FREE evaluation of your roof today!