Don’t DIY! Hire a Professional Instead to Repair Your Roof

The internet makes everything look easy, so should you use it to try repairing a roof yourself instead of calling the experts? Of course not! But why you ask?

First of all, it’s dangerous! We are licensed, trained, and insured professionals that do jobs like this on a daily basis. There’s a reason we’re the Pros! You may feel confident after watching a YouTube video or two, and maybe you’ve had a few successful DIY projects, but it’s never worth putting your life in danger.

If you try a DIY roofing project, you might not address the actual problem and potentially improperly repair your roof, which could create thousands of dollars damage. That means water damage, pest invasions, wood warping, mold, and so much more. Without an inspection, you won’t know what the real problem or solution is. Thankfully we offer FREE inspections and can give you an on the spot quote for repairs.

There’s no reason not to take us up on a FREE roof inspection, especially if you live in Central Florida or Orlando. We send a KYDR expert out to your home at your convenience to check for storm damage, areas susceptible to leaks, damaged flashing, shingle deterioration, places for animal intrusion, and all materials around chimneys, skylights, and vents. We can diagnose any problem, find a solution, and leave your roof in excellent condition for years to come.

Don’t DIY! Contact us at 407-253-2221 to answer any questions and schedule your FREE inspection today.